A skilled pet stylist, Kelly believes good grooming is an integral part of the bonding and training process. She offers her grooming service to small dogs, while her husband, James, enjoys working with the larger breeds. Kelly incorporates her training expertise to help pets with behavioral issues to tolerate and enjoy the grooming process. James is a certified graduate of the La Puente school of Dog Grooming. He is an accomplished finishing groomer, specializing in large breed dogs. We specialize in canine oral hygiene care.


If extreme shedding is a problem, Kelly and James offer the “Deshedding Program”, guaranteed to relieve your pet and your home of excessive hair loss.  Ask about this wonderful, additional service.

Our professional grooming can be performed in our small salon, located in the privacy of our home, or at the convenience and comfort of your home in our fully equipped, mobile unit.


Your pet’s safety and comfort is our primary concern. Please advise us of any allergies, sensitivities or pre-existing medical conditions so we can avoid aggravating these situations. Please let us know of any prior grooming history you or your pet may not have found totally satisfactory. We want to avoid the repetition of poor or unpleasant experiences or situations.

Although most pets are very well behaved, not all are “perfect angels.” However, for the benefit of all involved, we will not provide services for attitudes we feel are unsafe and we reserve the right to refuse service to these pets.