About James

Since retiring from his first career as a certified iron worker for 18 years, James Arias joined with his wife Kelly in full-time training and grooming. James studied 2 years of grooming and was certified through the La Puente School of Dog Grooming under Donna Owens. He enjoys exercising with client's dogs on walks and bike rides.
James and his beloved golden retriever Angel were Therapy Dog International certified and enjoyed many years of visits to local retirement homes and stress relief for students at the Lutheran High School during finals week. They also enjoyed doing agility training together and K9 Nose Work Trials. Angel has since passed away and James has a new found friend in Lizzie, a 2 year old beagle.

About Kelly’s K-9 College!

Kelly’s K-9 College was founded by Kelly Wolff-Arias in 1993 in La Verne, California. Kelly’s love for training dogs began at the age of 7 when her backyard was attached to the Las Flores Park in La Verne where there was dog training on Saturday mornings. Kelly would train her Shetland sheep dog on its leash alongside the other trainer just over the fence in her backyard and she would tell her parents “One day I am going to be a dog trainer.” Today, Kelly is a dog trainer in that VERY SAME PARK!

Kelly’s K-9 College specializes in several facets of dog-training and grooming. With 45 years of training and knowledge Kelly is prepared to train all types of dogs at all levels. Kelly’s K-9 College prefers training dogs from the very beginning at 8-10 weeks old because that is the best way to lay down a solid foundation, but all ages of dogs are accepted. Kelly has experience with all breeds, ages and stages as well as all types of behavioral problems such as shy / timid / aggressive and over active dogs. The most important thing to remember about training with Kelly’s K-9 College is that there is going to be homework for all dog owners in order to really engrain what has been learned in class or private lessons.


The Kelly’s K-9 College Team!

In addition to Kelly and James, there are several qualified dog trainers that are a part of the team!

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