Private Training

Kelly's K-9 offers private (one on one) training in your home where problem behaviors or special training needs can be addressed on an individual basis. Private training is great for busy families who do not have time to attend an Obedience class, but are willing to practice the concepts that will be taught during instruction. It is also a great way to get an early start on needed socialization and training if your veterinarian doesn't want your pup out until all his shots are completed. Private training has the added advantage of providing attention that is focused on your dog alone, with no distractions. It allows us to work on whatever problem you are having and can be customized for your dog's breed, temperament, and age. You will receive the same quality instruction that is provided in our training classes with special attention to your particular needs.



Private In-Home Puppy Training
$300: 3 private lessons* (16 weeks or younger)

Private In-Home Training
$495-$795: 3 private lessons* + 6-week group class (16 weeks and up)

*Travel fee may apply


Don't have time to train? In-home day training to the rescue! We will come to your home during the week and practice new concepts with your dog, even if you are not able to be there. Please take a look at our day training program that can be customized to fit your schedule and your particular needs.


Does your dog or puppy need more exercise and work than you can provide with your busy schedule? Consider using our "Walk and Train" program! Our specialized trainer will walk your dog and train at the same time.