K-9 Nose Work.

K-9 Nose Work is the specific sport created and sanctioned by the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW). We train the dogs to search just like the K-9's that are trained to search for drugs and bombs in suit cases, vehicles, interiors and exteriors but are dogs are searching for a canister of q tips of birch, anise or clove essential oils. You can do this FUN activity for the pure joy of having fun watching your dog have a great time doing what comes naturally to them, hunting. Or you may also go to K-9 Nose Work trails and win ribbons and titles.

The only requirement is that the dog has a nose and the handler enjoys watching their dog use its natural hunting abilities. The natural progression in fun dog nose work is teaching the dog to find the scent, once they have developed that skill, we will go to exterior searches, interior searches and vehicle searches.

This is a very good sport for dogs who need to drain their mental and physical energy. For shy and timid dogs this is a confidence building activity. It will help build the bond between the dog and handler. Reactive dogs will also be able to do this sport. (With a handler who can manage their dog) As the handler you are responsible for being excited and upbeat when he finds his scent, and rewarding with food, toys, tug and/or praise. This class teaches you how to work with your dog’s natural scenting abilities and desire to hunt.

All breeds and ages of dogs (from puppies to elderly dogs) can do this fun sport. Not only is it fun for dog and owner, it has the added benefit of draining the dog’s mental and physical energy with very little effort on the handler’s part. It is the greatest training tool I have ever used for shy, timid, fearful dogs. The dog’s drive to hunt overrides his fears and inclination to retreat, and over time, builds his confidence. You will want to see our nose work video and see one dog’s transformation after training. She came to us with fear issues but has responded wonderfully to nose work. It has proven to be the best thing ever for her. Check out our video, come visit a class and talk to our students. They love to share what great fun they are having with their dogs and what it has done for them.


6-Week Group Class

Private In-Home Training
$495-$795: 3 private lessons* + 6-week group class (16 weeks and up)

*Travel fee may apply



Kelly is a great trainer.

“Love training with Kelly!! We started the nose work trainings with her few months ago. We love this sport!! Kelly is a great trainer.”

— Judy C.

Nose work classes.

“It's unbelievable how much our dog enjoys these classes !  It's in dogs nature to hunt and these classes give the opportunity in a safe environment.  The classes provide a fun way for physical and mental exercise for our dog.  We really enjoy them as well.”

— Sheila B.